Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Motorcycle Compendium

Summing up 2006

It's been an interesting year (and I'm not using the ancient Chinese meaning of "May you live in interesting times"). I've traveled quite a lot and posted a lot. I found this cool site that lets you enter the places you've been to and generates a map for you:

Of course if I just visited one city in that country, it counts it as having visited the whole country. Russia added quite a bit to my world coverage in terms of area, though it only contributed as much percentage as Macau did.

So - only 15% - there's much of the world still left to see!

And now, back to Vietnam
November 8-9

I've come to the end of the stories from Vietnam. On the last few days in Saigon, I did some shopping, read some books and thought about what else I'd love to show you all when I get back.

Since motorcycles are the main form of transportation here, the act of carrying stuff around has evolved into an art form almost. It's amazing what you can see while traveling around the country. I therefore set out to find some pictures of overloaded motorcycles.

I did not see any of the banana-laden motorcycles where from behind it looks like the person is riding a banana cluster, nor was anyone moving big cabinets that day by having the person behind them on the motorcycle clutch the cabinet with outstretched hands. But I did go by the market and found the following heavy loads on tiny scooters.

That's it for Vietnam.

All my published pictures can be seen at

Happy Hanukka, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or pick you favorite seasonal holiday) to you all!


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Essence Of Joy said...

Wow, awesome journey and pictures.

Thanks for sharing these special sites with us.

Wishing you much joy.

Perhaps the answers can be found within. So within so without as the saying goes. Fear not. Explore and live in the now as now is all we have.

Enjoy your travels.


workhard said...

LOL.. How do these people manage to balance..

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